In accordance with the user-oriented localization service of 'HAI (tentative name)', a messenger application of Indonesia's Telcomsel, the largest mobile telecommunications provider in Southeast Asia, This company supports active use of digital assets that are compatible for variety of service applications, focusing on new supply phones for messenger platforms that are expected to be installed with 40 million units of Telcom Cells per year.


Telkomsel, a subsidiary of Telcom, which has more than half of Indonesia's total mobile service subscribers, provides technical support for telecommunication services not only to Indonesia but also to about 10 countries including Southeast Asia and South Africa. Telkomsel, which has about 165 million users, is the largest telecommunications operator in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Telkomsel's mobile payment business is owned by Indonesia's Redision, and new businesses are being considered according to local conditions.

Rediseon, a licensing partner for Telkomsel, Indonesia's state-run news agency (CEO Agus Tri Lsmanto) and local corporation TAP Mitra Global signed a business agreement on Dec. 8 and agreed to carry out comprehensive work on the development and supply of blockchain-based user community platform, and subsequent technical support and digital content supply. And TEAM KVI will secure exclusive operator status for related work in Korea.

HAI (tentative name), which is currently showing 80% development process, will launch a user-centered differentiated localization service that supports PC use as well as various smartphones such as iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone in the first half of 2020. It is predicted that users will be able to share and communicate multimedia such as pictures and videos through phone number authentication without having to sign up and sign in separately.

In addition, the language transmitted by the other party during the two-lingual dialogue will be supported by real-time automatic interpretation service and by applying not only voice and phase calls but also character voice filters and video filters to provide detailed emotional expression and unique user experiences along with emoticons.

And if users are allowed to search the surrounding location, communication between users within a 2-kilometer radius will be supported, and based on the location recognized, the company will provide a function to search for restaurants, pharmacies, gas stations, and banks within the range of the search that can be set to enhance convenience in use.

Through the launch of HAI service, TEAM KVI has agreed to distribute various high-quality contents such as games, K-pop, hallyu dramas and excellent movie contents, education, animation, music (soribada), performances, and broadcasting, along with China's largest mango TV, which is a platform for Korean game developers and Asian contents. Through these various functions, KVI can be activated to create a healthier circulation structure and provide consumers with more convenience.

It will also actively seek related businesses such as idol incubators for finding preliminary stars in Southeast Asian and global markets who dream of becoming K-pop stars and others based on the HAI service base through participation in "God of Event," an entertainment O2O platform that links events with K-pop-focused hallyu stars in Korea.


Vietnam, which is optimistic about achieving this year's economic growth target of 6.8 percent, has reached its highest level in the past nine years, raising the possibility of growth. Vietnam, along with the U.S., China, Russia, South Korea and Japan, is one of the leading countries with high levels of investment and transaction frequency in cryptocurrency, with the estimated volume of USD 22,000 Anpak per day trading volume being maintain world high ranking.

The Vietnamese government recently approved the establishment of VINAKON, the first global exchange that can deposit and withdraw money in VND. The VINAKON exchange, which is expected to operate stably with its strategic alliance with MB Bank, the fifth largest banking industry in Vietnam, is attracting much attention as it expects a trading volume and transaction fee revenue that cannot be compared with the existing P2P exchange.

TEAM KVI is currently discussing a strategic partnership with the VINAKON Exchange, which plans to issue a project coin to invest in Vietnam's government-led social overhead capital project. This company plans to push for more aggressive business expansion in Southeast Asia.

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KVI circulation structure

KVI is a currency to be used on the HAI platform.

Users can purchase KVI through the VINAKON exchange and use it for various services supported by HAI, save unreasonable fees on payments with KVI rather than settlement of existing currency, and provide more benefits so consumers can enjoy convenient and smart consumption.

Benefited on smart contracts to create a smooth, stable and complete industrial chain


The point payment system paid by the HAI platform allows users to take advantage of AppTech and additional discounts. By using this, the company can expect advertising revenue and user acquisition effect, and can enjoy the profit effect between the company and users.HAI


Relevant to issue

Fundraising Ethereum Budgeting Plan

Token Distribution Plan


Platform accessibility and security

Road Map




Lee Ye Young

(CEO of KVI)

• PhD in Global Language and Culture at Korea University
• Ewha Womans University Master's Program for Performing Arts
• Seoul National University Graduate School of Western Music
• Chairman of the Carnegie Lee foundation.
• President of the Korea Music and Culture Foundation
• AMP Head Professor at the Korean Institute of Education at California State University
• 2019 President Trump Wins Gold Medal for Charity Award
• 2018 Award for Music of Innovation Leaders Korea (News maker)
• 2016 Korea Creative Culture, Arts and Music Awards (Seoul Council Award)
• 2016 Korea's Best National Awards

Lee Su Min

(CMO of KVI)

• Graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Real Estate
• (Corp.) VP of asset consulting for PMG
• (Corp.) Vice President of A&P Management
• (Corp.) CEO of DOCM
• (Corp.) CEO of Kimpo Han River City Development Project

Věnceslav Klimeš

(Senior Product Manager, Google, IT)

- Academic Degree : Masters, Czech Technical University in Prague, Computer Sciences - Algorithms : Randomized Algorithms (2012)
• Google : Senior Product Manager , 3 years, 4 months.
• Accenture : Product Manager, 2 years 9 months
• Accenture : Project manager, 2 years, 5 months.
• Red Hat Czech s.r.o. : Software Research, 1 years 11 months.

Alexander Vinogradov

(Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft, IT)

- Academic Degree : MS, The University of Edinburgh, Computer Sciences - Software Engineering : Formal Methods (Formal Verification) (2013)
• Microsoft : Principal Software Engineer , 3 years, 4 months.
• Microsoft : Software Engineer, 2 years 4 months
• Deloitte Technology: Penetration Tester, 2 year, 2 months.
• Global logic: Application Integration Intern, 1 year.

Dima Alexeev

(BD, Metro group, Retail)

- Academic Degree : MBA, Steinbeis University Berlin Institute Corporate Responsibility Management, Internal relations: crysis management (2011)
• Metro group: Chief strategist, 5 years.
• Volkswagen group: Strategic partners relations, 2 years 11 months.
• Metro group: Internal relations manager, 3 years, 1 month.
• Henkel : Business development intern, 1 year.